Today’s refugees, tomorrow’s programmers: be part of the solution to the migrant crisis. 

We provide underprivileged groups with an end-to-end education in software engineering and entrepreneurship, empowering them to find employment and independence. This is Social Hackers Academy. 

Even a $5 donation is precious towards our goal, since it is doubled through matching programs with well-known companies of the tech industry and VC funds.


What problem are we trying to solve?

Today there are 62,000 refugees stuck in Greece. Due to the economic crisis the country is one of the least prepared in Europe to deal with this influx of people. Currently housing, food, water and other services are paid for to a large degree by government organizations and NGOs. But very little money is being invested in sustainable solutions to the problem, such as formal education and skills training. 

Our train of thought and actions towards solving the problem:

We live in Greece, and we’re programmers. Programmers have a problem-solving spirit that eventually works ;) So, one day, a wondrous enlightenment over coffee showed us a way that made full sense:

  • Don’t give them fish, show them how to fish instead: eating, drinking, the warmth of a home ,or clothes will not cease to exist as a need for refugees. They are in a foreign country with no means to help them become integrated. Unless someone provides these people with the necessary skills to be able to stand on their feet. Rather teach them something useful, which will enable them to get a decent  job with a decent salary, so they can buy the goods they actually need on their own and not depend on random charity.

  • Mind the skills gap: There is a huge discrepancy between the skills that companies are looking for in employees and those that candidates have. Or, in economic speak, there is more demand for high skill labor than there is supply of workers with those skills. Web developers and computer programmers fall into this category (and we happen to fall into the same category too). 

  • Teach them how to code: No doubt there’s amazing talent in refugee circles (musicians, actors, writers, lawyers, …) so why shouldn’t there be talent for web developers? All we need to do is locate them, teach them the software engineering skills and…

  • Ensure a job position: Programmers and web developers are among the top sought-after jobs by companies worldwide. Recruiters love them, multinationals love them, and a medium-sized Greek company would literally beg for them. We could definitely get jobs for our students if we tried. And we did. And it worked: a dozen of tech companies in Athens are now waiting for our first graduates.

This train of thought started as a wild fantasy, but as we started diving in, we realized there were people out there who had actually materialized the exact, same thoughts. There was no reason for us to reinvent the wheel: we came into contact with Hack Your Future, the successful coding school for refugees in Amsterdam, shared our ideas with them and collaborated closely to build our curriculum and get our teachers ready for action.

How we are doing so far

Our first coding course started in September 2017, with the financial support of local businesses which provided us with private funds, enough to cover the initial running costs. Our first students have not graduated yet, still they have a clear view of what Social Hackers Academy stands for and the change it will bring to their lives. In December 2017 we launched the second class with 12 students. Everyone seems to be really excited about the opportunity.


Meet our Heroes

Why we need your support - Where will your money go

The goal of our crowdfunding campaign is to ensure the sustainability of our project for the first year. It will enable us to run 5 courses and train 60 refugees, 60% of whom are expected to graduate and get jobs in leading tech companies in Greece. 

Financial projections here.

Our goal: What we are asking for are 12 months of runway. The cost is 35.520 Euros + 8%Crowdfunding Platform Charges = 38.361 Euros

Beyond money: Spread the word.

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